An experimental drug used in COVID-19 treatment could slow respiratory distress syndrome, improve oxygen delivery to patients

An experimental COVID drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in treating patients with respiratory distress.

The drug, a novel version of COVID agent known as rivastigmine, is a new treatment for patients with severe COPD and other respiratory diseases, including severe asthma and COPD-related respiratory distress, the FDA said Monday.

The agency approved rivampigmine in December, a month after a study showed that the drug slowed breathing in some patients with COPD.

The approval came after years of research into rivapigmine and the treatment of COH-1.

In a study of about 5,000 people, researchers found that rivarbix, the new version of rivacigmine approved in December for use by the FDA, slowed breathing rate in patients with the disease by nearly 30 percent.

The drug also helped people with COPA, COPD, or COPD related respiratory distress to breathe more comfortably and improve oxygen flow to their lungs, the study found.

Rivacigsine is similar to a medication that has been used in some trials for severe COH.

In the trials, people with severe COI are given the drug intravenously.

The FDA also approved a different version of the drug, rivavirin, which was tested in people with a rare form of COPD called COPD+SUD.

It also slowed breathing and oxygen delivery in people who have COPD or COP-related severe asthma.

The latest drug approval is another milestone for the FDA’s efforts to make COVID treatment more accessible to people in need.

In June, the agency approved the first drug in its clinical trials for COVID, rifampin, which the agency said would reduce the chance of respiratory distress by 70 percent in people 65 and older.

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