‘Dance-in-the-dark’ music video by Aussie band Aussie Rules gets a green light to be screened online

The Australian Rugby League has granted permission to Australian Rules band Aussies Rules to play the music video for their song “Dance in the Dark” in the official Aussie Rugby League YouTube channel.

The video has been viewed nearly 2 million times since being uploaded to YouTube on December 12.

“Dancing in the dark” is a song from the band’s album The Dream Is Alive.

“We’re thrilled to be able to play this song on YouTube,” said Chris Smith, Aussie rules general manager and co-founder of band AUS.

“It’s a tribute to our wonderful fans, as well as to all the great people who helped make this video happen.”

Aussie rugby league is currently playing the 2017 season, with the team’s first home game being played in Perth on March 27.

The band have not announced a line-up for the Perth game.

“As long as the band and the fans are happy with the performance, we will take the video out for the fans,” Smith said.

Aussierules are due to play in Melbourne on March 29.

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