How to build a new ‘skin diving apparatus’

A new kind of ‘skin-diving apparatus’ may soon become a reality, thanks to a pair of researchers who say they have created a “totally functional” and “beautiful” device that they hope could be used for underwater diving.

The new device, called the ‘skin diving apparatus,’ uses a “smart, flexible body” to capture video images of objects on the surface.

While it has yet to be tested, the researchers hope that the device, which is only a few centimeters long, can be used by divers who have difficulty reaching underwater objects and would like to explore underwater structures in the future.

The device is made of a flexible material, which allows it to capture images of the surface of an object at a certain depth.

In this way, it could be easily deployed for underwater exploration, such as to dive deep underwater and study marine organisms in the deep ocean.

The device could also be used to study the underwater environment to improve safety.

Unlike traditional skin diving devices, which can only capture a video image, the new device can capture 360-degree images.

The device could then be used with an app on a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to capturing video, the device could record a “presence” in the water, which could help determine if an object is moving or moving underwater.

The team behind the new project, called ‘Nemosys’ (pronounced nam-suh-sy-no), have created the device using 3D printing technology and has published the designs for a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

They say the device will be available to the public in a few months.

“This is the first prototype and we are in the process of producing the final prototype.

We hope that our product can be useful for divers who need to find new underwater habitats,” the team said in a statement.

Nemusys, based in Spain, says it has created the ‘Skin Diving Algorithm’ using a 3D printer.

The company says the prototype is about a half-meter long and can be attached to a diver’s belt.

The skin diving device, pictured, is about one-half meters long and attached to an anchor.

The researchers said they are “looking forward to seeing this device being used in the real world and exploring deep oceans for the first time.”

“This prototype is a first step towards a new type of skin diving device,” they said.

“This is a completely functional, beautiful and functional device.

We believe it will be used in diving and exploration in the next few years.”

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