How to remove ‘Barefoot, Barefoot’ sign from playground

The City of Bengaluru, India, has taken a step to remove a ‘Barry Allen’ sign that was erected in a playground, in the wake of the tragic accident at the Olympic Games.

The sign, which has been on the playground since the 1950s, has been removed after a city councilor said it was being removed because it was a distraction.

The mayor, S.A. Raghavan, said the decision to remove the sign was taken after consultations with officials from the state government.

‘I was asked to take the decision, because we have received a lot of complaints about this sign,’ he told the Hindustan Times.

‘We are trying to remove this sign from the playground.

We will have to see what the complaints are.’

‘We want to be a place where children can learn and do good deeds.

This is the way we want to live.’

Mr Raghavans decision came amid a string of recent cases of playground accidents, which have seen several people injured in accidents.

In August, a 15-year-old boy died after being struck by a wooden beam at a playground in the city of Kolkata, India.

Earlier this month, a 12-year old boy in Mumbai was killed in an accident at a park after he fell on the concrete and fell into a pool of water.

Police have since said that they will investigate the accident as a possible case of negligence.

The Olympic Games have long been a symbol of India’s proud sports heritage, and it is the country’s biggest sporting event.

It was the first major sporting event in the country, with an estimated attendance of about 6 million spectators.

The Games were held from August 4 to 26, 2024.

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