How to stop steele fireworks and get rid of the fire apparatus

A circus performer’s fire apparatus has been put out after steele performers mistakenly used it to blow up a building in New York City.

Steele performers used the device, which is designed to blow small fireworks, to blow out the roof of the World War II-era Coney Island Railroad station on Friday.

The device was found by a man in a parked car outside the building, where it had been left for hours, and taken to the New York Fire Department.

It was then turned on a generator to heat up the water to blow off the debris and smoke, and it was then extinguished.

The New York State Police said they were alerted by witnesses to the fire.

It’s not clear how long the fire was burning.

The station was used by the Coney Islands Railway Company, which was in the process of rebuilding its railroad.

The company has since closed the station.

Stelees performers were using a portable stoke gun to blow a large amount of debris from the building out, which resulted in the fire, according to the NYPD.

It also caused some damage to the station’s exterior.

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