What are the 4 main sexual apparatuses in the world?

The Sex Apparatus, also known as the Quad Fire Apparative or simply the Quad, is an apparatus of four fire apparatus used in sex.

It is used for masturbation and has been known as a tool for the pleasure of both men and women for centuries.

The device is made up of a single, rigid plastic rod with a base which is supported on two metal bars, each attached to a handle.

The handle is made from a rubber band and can be easily removed to allow access to the two handles.

The two handles are connected to a large circular handle that is usually connected to an inner diameter of about four inches.

The inner diameter is about one and a half inches.

The four rods are held together by the three springs on the outside of the device.

The springs on each end of the rod can be adjusted to either allow or block penetration of the woman’s vagina.

The Quad is also used in intercourse, with the rod positioned on the outer edge of the penis.

However, the rods are not held firmly together by their springs.

Instead, the rod is held between two metal rings that can be loosened, allowing penetration of a woman’s vulva.

In the past, this apparatus was used only by women to masturbate or to stimulate the clitoris.

However in the 1980s and 1990s, a number of countries began to implement sex education programs for the general public.

This led to an increase in the number of schools that taught about sexual intercourse, as well as in the availability of sex toys for use in the classroom.

The Sexual Apparatuses have been in use in a number the countries in the European Union, including Sweden, Finland, Iceland, the Netherlands, and Austria.

In these countries, it is illegal to use the Quad in schools.

In Sweden, a man was arrested in May 2016 for using a Quad to masturbat in a public restroom.

However the investigation did not lead to charges against the man, which led to the release of a statement from the police department in the city of Gothenburg.

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