Firefighter dies in accident during drill at Georgia military base

The death of a Georgia firefighter during a drill on Wednesday was the first since the death of an Army firefighter at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in November, the Georgia Department of Public Safety said.The accident happened about 4:15 p.m. near the entrance of the training area at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which is located on the […]

Deans stark apparatus: Why the high vacuum is the answer to a mystery

A new device that’s making physicists gasp is the high-voltage apparatus of the electron.Now, scientists have created the first quantum mechanical device that can produce energy from the vacuum.Deans’ stark apparatus was created by a group of researchers from MIT, the University of Michigan and the California Institute of Technology.It’s the first device that creates […]

WATCH: ‘The Most Toxic Thing I’ve Ever Smoked’: Former DEA Agent Describes Smoking in The Philippines

In his latest video on “Smoking in the Philippines” from The Big Lead’s “The Most Dangerous Podcast”, former DEA agent and whistleblower Christopher Kroll explains how he used the devices he used to smoke in the country as part of his “specialist’s training” to help others quit.Kroll was caught using a device in his backpack […]

How to build a 3D printed prosthetic leg

In a bid to build an underwater breathing machine, a team of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have made a prosthetic limb that mimics a human breathing apparatus.The 3D-printed version of the apparatus consists of two cylinders, each made of a different material, and a hollow cylinder which has been […]

A look inside a new suction filter from CFA: ‘It is just as powerful’

A new sucessor to CFA’s breathing apparatus has been unveiled by CFA in Dublin.The company says it is a “modern solution” to the problem of breath holding and it works with a variety of users.It uses a simple design and is the result of a collaborative collaboration between the company and CFA, the world’s leading […]

How do you decode your ears in the new Transmitter System?

This article was originally published on Polygon.Read the original article The new Transmitters are like a “magic wand” for hearing in the future, and if you’ve got one, you’re in luck: the company has announced a new pair of headphones that will allow you to communicate with a third party in the same way that […]

How to distill your own vodka

A distillery in Australia’s north-west is producing a distilled vodka called The Malt that uses an experimental method for extracting the flavours from beer and wine.The Malt is being developed by New York-based Distilling International and will debut in Melbourne, Australia, next month.The distillery’s founder, David Smith, is a scientist with the Australian Research Council’s […]

What you need to know about the Golgi apparatus

The Golgi is a powerful, open-source software package designed to be used by web developers, designers, web designers and other web developers to easily build a website.It is currently the default browser for many websites, and the majority of web developers use it to build their own websites.The Golgies own open-access license allows anyone to […]

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