How ‘climate change’ is changing the way firefighters fight the fire season

The National Weather Service has warned that climate change could make it more difficult for firefighters to deal with wildfires.

The agency issued a new forecast for the state of California and its surrounding area, which it said could affect how the fire seasons will be run.

The forecast comes on the heels of the state’s latest drought, which saw more than 3 million people without power.

Climate change is likely to lead to more intense fires, said the forecast, which predicts that fire seasons could become longer.

“We believe that climate will lead to longer fire seasons in the future, which in turn, will increase the probability of fire season-ending events,” the report said.

“Our forecasts indicate that there will be more fires, more intense fire seasons, and more fatalities in the coming years.”

The forecast is a bit more cautious than last year, when it forecast more fires in California.

The report says that the state has already seen a spike in wildfires, which have been blamed on climate change.

But it says that climate is still only the first factor influencing the severity of wildfires.

It says climate change can also affect how fires burn and when they burn, and that this is a potential risk for firefighters and communities.

“It is not a simple question of climate,” the NWS forecast said. 

“Climate change will not completely alter the weather patterns in California, but will make the effects of climate change more pronounced, and could lead to a greater number of fire seasons.

It is important to remember that the fires we have seen so far are very rare events.

We are not seeing them every year, but every year they are there.” 

The NWS predicted that California’s wildfire season will continue to get longer.

But if the forecast holds true, that could lead the state to burn more land, leading to more wildfires, according to the report.

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