How to build a 3D printed prosthetic leg

In a bid to build an underwater breathing machine, a team of researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne have made a prosthetic limb that mimics a human breathing apparatus.

The 3D-printed version of the apparatus consists of two cylinders, each made of a different material, and a hollow cylinder which has been inflated.

The hollow cylinder contains an artificial heart and two valves.

The heart pumps oxygen to the lungs and pumps carbon dioxide into the circulatory system.

The valve is designed to allow a person to breathe through it.

The artificial heart is designed so that it does not rupture, and the valves act like a filter that can keep out harmful gases.

The design of the artificial heart has been used to print artificial hearts in the past.

The team created the device from the 3D printer of a machine which was developed by the Chinese firm Wuhan University.

The device uses an artificial human heart, which can be inserted into the hollow cylinder by a user’s fingers.

When the user opens the cylinder, the heart pushes the oxygen into the cylinder and pushes carbon dioxide out.

A valve is also designed to open a valve, which opens a valve in the hollow chamber.

The valves can also be used to close the cylinder when it is full, preventing harmful gases from entering.

The researchers plan to develop a 3-D printer capable of printing all the parts needed for a human body, including an artificial lung, a circulatory valve, a heart and a valve.

The research has been published in the journal Nano Letters.

A previous attempt to build the 3-d printed artificial heart failed, but the team is now hoping to produce it.

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