What’s the difference between the fire apparatus and a fire truck?

Posted November 01, 2019 08:31:30The fire apparatus is the fire truck.

Fire trucks are used to extinguish fires and to help transport people.

They’re a different beast from a fire hose, which can’t go into a house, a building, or even the ground.

The fire apparatus can only be used on fires in structures that are deemed to be “hazardous”, which means that if a fire is burning, it will be contained and put out quickly.

A fire hose can go anywhere, but the fire hose is used to put out a fire in a fire.

There are also other kinds of fire apparatus that you can’t use in a house or in a building.

There’s a fire brigade fire hose and there’s a water tank fire hose.

But the fire department fire hose has a different purpose: to bring water into a building or a building that is in danger of collapsing.

A fire truck is the mainstay of firefighting in Ireland.

It’s used to bring fire extinguishers and other equipment to areas that are at risk of collapse.

Fire crews have to get the hose to where it needs to go, so the hose has to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the hose.

It also has to stay in the right place, because if you’re using a hose in a warehouse or a warehouse is at risk, the hose will be pushed around and the contents of the warehouse will fall on top of it.

The fire department has a whole set of rules about how they can use the fire service hose.

The most important thing is that they get it where they need to go.

They can’t be used to push fire extinguisher or water onto buildings that are not protected from fire.

It has to come from somewhere.

It can’t just come from a hose.

You can’t push water out of a fire with the fire brigade.

If you have to use the hose, it has to go into your house or a structure that’s dangerous to collapse.

The hose has no power and it has no way of knowing when it’s being used.

It needs to stay where it’s supposed to stay.

If your house is a building you have a right to expect that the fire services hose will only be put out when it can’t possibly help you save your life.

This is why fire services and the Irish government are very, very strict about who can and can’t have the fireservice hose on their premises.

You cannot have fire hose on your premises if you are in a shelter, a homeless shelter, or an assisted living facility.

You have a fire service hosing that you have no control over, so if you need to get a hose on a fire, you have got to ask someone to give it to you.

And it has got to be safe.

The Irish government has a very clear set of guidelines about what is and is not a dangerous building.

If you’re in a home with a dangerous structure, you should expect that if the building collapses, the firefighting hose is going to have to go somewhere else.

The hosing rules for residential properties don’t apply to buildings that have fire alarms.

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