When a fire goes out: What to do when a home goes up in flames

Fire apparatus, such as the one pictured above, is a critical piece of the home’s fire protection system.

But it’s also the most expensive part of a home’s security system.

The reason is that it costs the homeowner a lot to keep it working properly.

Here’s how to keep a fire extinguisher working.


Inspect the outside of the house When the house goes up, the exterior must be inspected for structural damage and damage to the interior.

Inspect each room to ensure that it is structurally sound.

Also, check for leaks.


Replace any leaks You should inspect every room of the building and make sure the plumbing is running properly.

It’s also important to inspect the exterior to see if there are leaks in the ceiling.

The walls and floors should also be inspected and cleaned, but the exterior should be free of debris and mold.


Inspect windows and doors If a fire or explosion has occurred, the homeowner should inspect the windows and exterior doors of the residence.

If they’re not sealed properly, they may need to be replaced.


Remove any debris A thorough inspection should reveal any debris that is visible from the outside.

The home’s internal fire alarms should be checked for leaks and should be in working order.


Clean the exterior of the property A thorough cleaning of the exterior, including the interior, should be completed before replacing any damaged items.

The exterior should also need to have all the necessary repairs completed.


Replace the exterior walls A complete exterior wall inspection should be done by the homeowner.

If the exterior is not fully in order, it will need to undergo some extensive work to ensure the home is safe for use.

If it’s not, it may need additional work.


Replace windows and/or doors If the homeowner’s home has been damaged, the interior should also undergo a thorough inspection.

If there are any leaks, they should be repaired and replaced.


Replace electrical wiring in the home If there is any damage to electrical wiring, it should be replaced in the interior of the structure.

This should be a quick process and can be done at home.


Replace smoke detectors and alarms If a smoke detector or alarm has been activated, it needs to be inspected by the homeowners association.

If so, it’s critical that it be checked by an authorized professional.

If not, the alarms should not be activated.


Replace exterior paint The exterior of a house should be painted to look and function properly.

You may need more time and money to get the job done, but it’s the most cost effective way to make sure that the exterior and interior look as they should.


Replace chimney sealers or sprinklers If you have a chimney or sprinkler system installed, it can be very expensive to replace.

However, if you are not a certified professional and do not have the proper tools, you can purchase a cheap home-based chimney.

You can also buy a home-made sprinkler from a Home Depot or Lowe’s.

This can also be done on a home security system or at home repair.


Replace window and door screens A window and/ or door screen needs to undergo an inspection before being replaced.

The homeowner’s association should be contacted to confirm the inspection and install the screen.

Also ensure that the screen is fully sealed and not leaking, as it will be much more expensive to fix.


Replace interior door panel or door sealer If a home has a fire alarm or smoke detector system, it is important to replace the door panel and/ and// or screen.

If this is not possible, it could cost up to $100.

If you need to replace any doors or screens, it also may require a lot of time and labor.

It may be possible to get these items repaired at a HomeDepot or Lowe and then install the new screens or panels at home, if needed.


Repair any cracks in the exterior door frame The homeowners association should also inspect the inside of the door frame to ensure it’s properly secured.

It will be important to do a complete exterior inspection and inspection of the outside before any repairs are made.


Replace door and window sealer seals if there is damage to any of the following: Any missing or missing seals The sealing material is broken or missing or is not properly installed and is not being repaired properly

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