A new underwater breathing device to aid in the detection of carbon monoxide leaks

The discovery of the world’s first oxygen mask in the depths of the Indian Ocean has led to an urgent search for a way to identify carbon monoxides in the atmosphere.

The mask, which is in the shape of a square and has a hole at its base, was developed by the Japanese company Takumi Corp. for underwater breathing equipment.

Takumi has been developing the mask in collaboration with the University of Washington in Seattle.

Takumi’s mask uses a device that resembles a rubber hose with a metal mesh inside, designed to suck up CO2 from the ocean floor.

The device measures the amount of CO2 in the water and measures the pressure to extract it.

It uses this information to measure the depth of the water, which in turn allows the mask to determine whether there is carbon monoxy in the air.

“This technology can help us to identify bubbles in the ocean, and also to detect the presence of carbon dioxide in the environment,” Takumi’s president, Masataka Ishizaka, said in a statement.

“This could potentially have a huge impact on the prevention of climate change.”

Ishizaka also said the mask could help detect leaks of methane from fossil fuel burning.

He said it could also help to identify areas where CO2 has been released from fossil fuels, and help to measure pollution in such areas.

The Japanese mask was unveiled on Monday in a press conference hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The mask, about the size of a tennis ball, has a metal base that can be used to secure the cylinder.

The press conference also included a demonstration of the device in action, as well as Takumi President Ishizasha and the U.S. Navy’s underwater testing team, which will be participating in a study of the mask.

The new device, known as the SOLA underwater breathing system, will not only aid in detecting CO2 leaks, but it could potentially help in finding areas where there is CO2.

“The mask can be attached to the submarine, and we have shown that we can operate it underwater without touching the water,” Takumis chief engineer Kazunori Nakamura told reporters in Tokyo.

“We will also be able to use the mask underwater to measure carbon monozides, which can be very important for monitoring emissions.”

The company said it has received the support of more than 500 countries.

The company says the mask will be used in an underwater demonstration in Japan this month.

The US Navy and the Navy’s Advanced Underwater Device Team, which includes members from the Navy and NASA, are also expected to be involved in the study.

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