An ex-cop with a penchant for the internet can teach us how to live life without being arrested

Former Toronto police officer and convicted sex offender Giorgio Azzopardi has an example to live up to.

On Wednesday, the Toronto-born Azzoggarelli was arrested for the third time in three years after police found him with more than 1,000 images of child pornography and videos of sexual assault on his home computer.

He is expected to be formally charged with more offences in the coming days.

In a recent court appearance, Azzogarelli claimed he only downloaded the images of young boys for pleasure, while his former partner and his two young children were never affected by the images.

“My partner, who was a child, was a victim,” Azzolino said at the time.

“We did not do anything to cause her pain.

She is innocent.”

He also said his daughter was not a victim, but rather a victim of a “misunderstanding.”

“My daughter is innocent of these offences.

She was abused by me,” he said.

“She was not hurt.

She’s been hurt by this case.”

Toronto police were unable to verify that claim.

Azzoggrelli’s previous convictions include two charges of sexual harassment against a female complainant, one of which was withdrawn after she complained to the police.

His current charges include a single count of sexual interference against a male victim and one of indecent exposure, two counts of sexual exploitation, two charges for possessing child pornography, two for making child pornography without a licence and one charge for possessing indecent material.

A series of police raids last month and the launch of a criminal investigation into his past led Toronto police to believe the case was related to a series of child sex offences against a former partner, which was later dropped.

A criminal complaint filed in June in the Toronto District Court alleged Azzoganci and his former girlfriend, who is now deceased, conspired to have child pornography downloaded and uploaded from a computer belonging to the victim, who has since died.

Police allege the files were intended to be shared with someone else.

In January, Toronto police arrested Azzaggarelli in connection with an alleged sexual assault in a parking lot.

He was released on bail while awaiting trial, but was arrested again in February and charged again with sexually assaulting another woman.

He also faces one charge of sexual contact with a child.

The charges were dropped in March.

Azzagrelli pleaded guilty to two counts each of possession of child pornographic material and two counts for possessing material relating to sexual exploitation.

The Toronto Police Service said it was working with the Crown Prosecution Service to investigate the allegations.

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