How to Make a $20,000 Flying Circus with Your Friends

Flying circus enthusiasts are a niche, and they’re growing rapidly.

But, the idea that anyone can make a $200,000 flying circus with friends and family is now on the radar of some experts.

A new report from Next Big Futures indicates that a group of professionals are working on a project that would use drones, satellites, and a large fleet of drones to create a flying circus.

According to Next Big, the project, dubbed The Flying Circus Project, would utilize the power of the internet to “make the world’s first flying circus.”

This idea would require all of the necessary equipment to build a flying Circus, including the aircraft, balloons, props, propsets, costumes, and the props themselves.

Next Big describes the project as a “revolution in aerial circus production,” as the project would not rely on the traditional means of production.

The project is a long way from a flying one, but it is a step in the right direction.

As The Verge points out, this is a bold move on the part of a few individuals who have a deep interest in flying and are now making it happen.

If this is indeed a project to make a flying “Flying Circus,” it would mark a big step for the hobby, which has been plagued by the specter of collapse over the past few years.

The problem has been exacerbated by a lack of investment from hobbyists.

The Flying Circus is described in the report as a multi-disciplinary project that includes people from a range of fields, from aerospace engineering to aerospace design, from medical researchers to filmmakers, to others.

Next, the report describes the Flying Circus as “an ambitious, international effort that combines all aspects of aviation engineering, aerial robotics, and human-powered flight.”

“The project combines a wide range of aerospace engineering disciplines in the pursuit of the goal of the Flying Circuses, and it also includes the scientific research required to design and build a large, professional-scale flying circus,” the report concludes.

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