How to repair a toy fire apparatus

What if your car breaks down and you need to replace it?

How do you fix the car in case it breaks down again?

These are some of the questions raised by the Fire Department’s new toy fire appliance, the Gorgo.

“The Gorgo is the world’s first fire apparatus,” said Fire Department spokeswoman Jill Hodge.

“It’s made of plastic, it’s durable and it’s really fun to play with.”

The Gorgos fire apparatus consists of a plastic toy fire drill and a metal fire drill handle.

The drill is designed to be pulled through the fire hole in the ground.

The fire drill will be pushed through the hole with a hose, which will allow the fire drill to travel through the holes.

It’s designed to handle temperatures up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This is the first time this has ever been done,” Hodge said.

“We had an initial prototype that we brought in to the department, and the manufacturer did not want to put the plastic drill through the pit.”

The department says the Gorgocs are fun to use, easy to fix, and can last for several months if the drill is left in place for too long.

Fire Department officials say the Gorgi has a lifespan of five years.

The Gorgi is the brainchild of the Firefighter’s Association of Greater Cincinnati and was designed to solve a problem that many fire departments in the area are having.

Firefighters in the Cincinnati area are dealing with a record number of fire deaths.

“It’s a lot more frustrating when you have people dying in your service,” said Bob O’Leary, the fire captain for the Greater Cincinnati Fire Department.

“The Gorggos are a great solution to that.”

The Fire Department said the Gorggo has two major advantages.

First, the drill can be pulled out of the ground at the end of a fire.

The Gorgog can be held by the driver to help him pull it out.

Second, the Fire Engine can easily replace the Gorog if the Fire Drill stops working.

Fire Chief Dan Williams said the Fire Engines can do that by themselves if it gets too hot.

Firefighters also said the firegems have been used to repair equipment such as water pumps, and they can be used to replace water hoses in cases of malfunction.

The Fire Enginers also said there are no safety concerns with the fire girders, which are designed to allow the Gorgor to be used as a ladder for the ladder truck.

“We have used the Gorgnos in fire safety training for years,” said Williams.

“They are not going to cause any problems in the field.”

In an attempt to solve the problem, the department is trying to develop a model that can be customized to meet the needs of each department.

In addition to the Fire Departments, the Cincinnati Fire Company and the Cincinnati EMS Department are among those that have used Gorggog fire drill models.

The department plans to give the Fire Engineers the model at the annual Fire Engine Training Academy on April 13.

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