What is an apparatus?

The word apparatus has been used to describe many different types of equipment used to extract and concentrate pollutants from the atmosphere, the ground and the water.

It can be a small pipe with a valve and pump, or a large industrial-scale system with hundreds of workers and hundreds of thousands of litres of air, or even a giant air purifier.

Apparatus has a long and storied history, with its origins in the use of a pump and pipe to extract nitrogen and other gases from water.

In the late 1800s, an Italian engineer named Giovanni Calvi created a machine that used a piston engine to push water through a tube that was filled with a gas.

The piston would press the water through the tube to the desired pressure.

As the piston moved, it would compress the water to create steam.

The process could then be repeated to extract a lot of pollutants from an air stream.

However, Calvi had a problem.

The water that he was pumping through the tubing was too warm to purify.

So he devised a way to cool the water, which could only be done by using the pump and pump motor to push air into the tube.

The tube would then be filled with cool air that would then cool the hot water in the tube as well.

He also invented a valve that could suck water through and separate the water from the hot air.

That meant that the machine was not just for removing pollutants from water, but also for extracting pollutants from air.

The process was known as “vacuum filtination”.

The word vacuum has been associated with industrial pollution and even with air pollution, as in vacuum cleaners.

However, the term was first used to refer to a machine used to remove air pollution in the 1920s and 1930s.

A new definition, in 1980, allowed vacuum filters to be used to treat the air for human health, while the word “vast” was still used to indicate a large or enormous apparatus.

In this way, the word has become synonymous with industrial or industrial-type pollution.

While there are a number of other uses for the word, the one that sticks most is as a way of describing a device that extracts pollutants from atmosphere and ground water.

This type of equipment is known as a filtrator.

This type is also known as an “air purifier”.

What is an air purification apparatus?

An air purifying apparatus is a machine or system that uses a valve to suck in water to remove pollutants from a stream of water.

It is also called a filter, as this type of filter requires the use to extract the pollutants from both the air and the ground.

It is used to collect pollutants from polluted water, or ground water that has been polluted, and to remove them from the air or the water by pumping air through a pipe that can be attached to a larger or more powerful machine.

Invented in the early 1900s, vacuum filtering was an essential part of many industries during the Industrial Revolution.

It was also a part of the technology of the early industrial revolution, when machines like steam power, electricity, steam engines and coal power were being developed.

Inventors like Thomas Edison and Louis Pasteur used vacuum filtrators to purvey air pollution during the early 20th century.

Today, most vacuum filters are used to capture pollutants from various sources, including the air that comes from a coal fired power plant, or the ground water and groundwater that has polluted the ground for a while.

An air filter is made from a cylinder, and its valve is usually a cylinder that has a pipe between the two chambers.

These cylinders can be either a cylindrical or a rectangular one, or can be filled or empty with a mixture of gases.

The valve is then connected to a piston, which pushes air through the pipe to the cylinder, which then passes the gases through the cylinder to the piston, and finally the cylinder returns to the ground or to the air.

This system has many benefits.

Firstly, it removes the pollutants.

For example, when the steam engine runs, it draws more air from the exhaust than the water that comes out of the combustion chamber.

In addition, the steam exhaust is also more dense, and therefore more concentrated than the ambient air.

As a result, the air in the combustion chambers is more concentrated, and less able to pass through the filter.

Secondly, the filter removes pollutants from ground water, the source of most pollutants in the atmosphere.

It also removes pollutants in air, and can be used in many different ways, from filtering out harmful particles to purifying air.

The use of filters has increased dramatically since the Industrial Renaissance, and today many people in the world are using a filter in their home.

Most of the time, the use is to filter out pollutants from their home air, but a

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