What’s a centripetally driven gynecological machine?

By Jennifer Egan and David ShukmanThe National Museum of Science and Technology of Singapore is showing off a new machine that can lift and move a large weight by centripetsimal force.

The machine, named Clevenger, is a gynecology machine, and it’s the latest addition to the National Museum’s collection of gynecologic instruments.

This is the second time the museum has shown off the Clevengers.

In the past, it has demonstrated other types of centrifugal machines, such as a gynecoliometer and a centrifuge.

The new machine is powered by a pair of batteries that power the device.

The device, which can be operated remotely, uses a series of motors to move the weight around.

“The Clevenggers work like a centrifugal engine,” said museum curator and gynecologist Dr Hui Fung, who heads up the collection of medical instruments.

“You have a couple of motors, and you have the centrifugal force, and then you have a second motor to spin it up and down.”

The Clevigers are powered by an electric motor and a small battery that acts as a generator.

The motor is driven by an electromagnets.

The battery can be charged via a solar panel mounted on the machine’s pedestal.

The device is controlled using a touchscreen computer system that uses infrared light to detect when the machine is operating and to trigger the device’s motors.

Dr Hui said the new Clevengger was developed by Singapore-based technology firm MSC Technology.

The company’s machines are also capable of performing a variety of tasks, including rotating a patient’s neck.

The Clevernger can move a 1kg (2lb) weight up to 40m (130ft), and it can be rotated up to 90° in either direction.

Dr Fung said the machine could be used for the treatment of a variety or all types of pelvic disorders.

She said the Clevogers could be very helpful in gynecologists’ surgeries, as the machine can move parts of the body to achieve the desired result.

“If you are going to have an operation, you want to get rid of as much as possible, and we have found that this machine is very helpful for the operation,” she said.

“We are talking about gynecoplasty, hysterectomy, a lot of things that are very different from a conventional operation.”

Dr Hsu said the machines were also used to remove cervical stenosis and to treat other types.

She added the Clevisgs could be adapted to be used as a medical diagnostic tool in hospitals.

“It can be used to detect the presence of any other abnormal tissues, so it could also be used in the treatment for other diseases,” Dr Hsu added.

The museum is showing the Clevelogers at the National Women’s Museum of Singapore on Sunday.

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