When will the ‘Marion Fire’ be ready to go?

With the Marion Fire, the Indiana Pacers are finally getting a brand-new arena built, a new arena to play in and a new look.

This time, it will be the Indiana Heat’s new home, and the new building has already been announced for its site.

This article looks at what that looks like, what we already know and how it will play out in the years to come.


What is the Mariah Fire?

The Mariah is a small, twin-tower-like structure located just north of downtown Indianapolis that serves as the Pacers’ home arena.

It’s not actually a basketball arena at all.

It sits at the corner of a residential street in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks south of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

The building itself is a five-story tower with a retractable roof that can be opened and closed to create a series of louvres, each of which can be controlled by a single person.

Each of those louvre systems is called a “flare.”

In order to activate the flare, you must have an open-circuit TV inside the building that can see the entire floor.

The Flares are a little like an open air cinema with an enclosed seating area.

Each flare can have its own set of lights, which are controlled by the control room.

The control room has four big-screen monitors and four video screens, and there are four more small screens in between those four.

The screens are split into a number of rooms that each contain different levels of lights and can be connected to different outlets on the perimeter of the building.

The entire building is made of glass that is about 1,400 square feet in size.

The only real difference is the building’s roof.

The roof of the Marihake is made up of six sections, each one about the size of a football field, that have different colors of glass.

The red sections have a blue tint, while the green ones have a yellow tint.

There are also three white sections and a dark gray one.

The structure itself is designed to last for more than 30 years, and is supposed to be ready for its next tenant by 2025.

The buildings roof also has a capacity of up to 8,500 people, which is a lot of seats.

But there are still some problems with the roof.

Its the roof that’s supposed to protect the building from lightning and other weather conditions, and that’s something the team has been struggling with.

The team has already experienced one storm that damaged the roof and required repairs.

In 2019, a storm that hit Indianapolis and the surrounding area in February caused the building to be closed for several weeks.

The storm also caused significant damage to the roof, which resulted in the building being closed for a month.

The Mariah also needs to be designed to withstand the kind of heat generated by a game.

A typical NBA game lasts between about 30 and 45 minutes.

While the Marias building has a roof, it only has a few heaters.

And while the Heat is a great basketball team, it doesn’t play many games.

So the Heat had to find a way to keep the heaters running while keeping the building warm and making sure it can play in the summer.

The Heat also has to figure out a way for the fans to move around the building without getting trapped in the structure.

The fans sit in the upper-level of the structure, in what is called the upper deck.

The upper deck is designed so that fans can get out and the team can use them for other functions, like parking or other fan events.

But the team doesn’t want to just keep fans on the upper decks all the time, because they’re not really cool in the heat.

In addition to keeping fans cool, the Heat also wants to have the structure able to withstand what it considers extreme weather conditions.

In 2018, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Sewer District issued a report about the building, and found that the structure has been exposed to extreme temperatures of up at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit (50 degrees Celsius) in one month.

Heat is also a problem, and fans have to be kept cool.

But while the Mariams heaters are supposed to keep fans cool and comfortable, the team hasn’t been able to figure that out yet.

The Indiana Pacers also don’t want fans to get too close to the structure and become trapped in it, and they don’t really want the fans in the lower deck to be too hot.

That’s why they’ve been working on ways to keep them cool and away from the structure while it’s in place.


What’s the Mariosi?

The mariosi is a huge, double-height, rectangular structure that is actually a very popular type of sports bar.

It has a bar and a restaurant inside it, as well as a concession stand that is also part of the bar. The mar

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