3D printing has made its way to the world of toys

Lekssell stereothecus, or Lego version of the stereotaxic apparatus, has been around for over 100 years, and has been used for years in the toy industry.

However, with the introduction of 3D printed toys and accessories in the past few years, it has become an integral part of many a childhood hobby.

This is in part due to the fact that it can be printed out in an infinite number of different ways, which can be very useful for certain applications.

With the 3D printer technology, a toy can be constructed with different materials, and it can even be used to create objects that are not based on real objects, like Lego bricks.

Leksdale is currently in the process of making an entire toy out of the new 3D-printed parts.

The company announced the new toy this week at the 2017 International Conference on 3D Printing and Manufacturing (IC3DP), and they are offering a number of rewards to anyone who can make the 3Ds themselves.

The goal is to make a toy that is more than just a toy, but is a truly useful one.

There is a range of rewards offered that can be used for things like creating custom patterns, creating custom LEGO pieces, creating an educational experience, or even creating your own 3D printable model.

The most popular reward is the 3DSXL, which is a plastic 3D model of a 3D Printed LEGO set that has been printed in 3D.

The company also announced that they have plans to make an iPad 3D toy that will allow anyone to print out a 3DS model and create their own 3Ds, so there is a lot of potential for use cases.

While the company has released a video that shows how to create your own model using their 3D printers, they are also offering a reward for anyone that can help build their own Lego version.

The reward is just a simple box with a small printable 3D STL file on it that is able to be printed using any 3D Printers or 3D scanners, which means that anyone can get their hands on this model and try to print it out.

For anyone that is interested in trying it out, the company is offering the following rewards:The video below shows the process to print your own LEGO model and then to get the files to 3D and print it.

It is a very simple process that only requires you to print the 3ds files, but you can easily print the STL files as well.

The 3D Printer that the company offers is the Lasercut 3D LaserJet Pro 3D, which offers an impressive resolution of 1,400×1,600 pixels.

The price for the printer is $4,999 and it is available to order through their website, which also features a download code for the 3d printer that can allow you to order the printer at the time of publishing.

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