How to keep an open mind about Zika virus and the potential for a new form of cancer

A recent article in the journal Science, titled, “A New Way to Destroy a Cell?”, describes a method that could be used to kill off cancer cells.

The article describes a cell-killing therapy that uses the immune system’s own “reactionary response,” or the immune response to cancer.

The researchers suggest that their treatment could be effective against cancers that arise from mutations in cancer cells’ genetic material.

In this case, the immune cells themselves are the target of the cancer.

This type of treatment is also being developed by scientists at Imperial College London, who are studying how to treat cancer with gene therapy.

The research could help explain why scientists are starting to look into gene therapy to treat certain types of cancers.

While the method is not quite a cure for cancer, it is a promising and promising first step toward a treatment that could eventually be developed for more complex types of cancer.

As the story goes, researchers were able to find a way to kill cancer cells by exposing them to a virus.

This could help scientists understand how the immune systems of cancer cells respond to different types of viruses.

The new treatment method also allows scientists to target the cancer cells with a specific gene that codes for a protein that inhibits the immune reaction.

To create this new technique, the researchers exposed mice to a viral strain that had mutated in a way that prevented it from killing cancer cells, but the virus itself wasn’t affected.

Instead, the new virus mutated to make the virus more effective.

This new virus has been used to treat some cancers before, but scientists haven’t been able to make a real cure for some of the cancers.

They’re also not able to create the immune responses that can be needed to stop the cancer from spreading.

It’s not clear how this new method might work.

One way the researchers have described it is that it involves using the cells’ own reaction to fight cancer.

In other words, it involves creating a “superior” immune response in the cells.

However, there’s still no way to test this theory, because the immune reactions themselves are not directly involved in the cell-destroying process.

It’s possible that the virus can kill cancer without any effect on the cells, so there’s no way for the researchers to know.

Another method of cell-eating is called the “transmission electron microscopy” technique.

This involves attaching a sample of a cell to a microscope, and then using a microscope to photograph the cell’s surface.

The microscope then uses this image to create a 3D image of the cell.

The team then uses the 3D images to create detailed images of the cellular structure, which can be used as a model for the process.

The team is also using this technique to create models of cancerous cells.

If the technique can be successfully used in humans, scientists might be able to develop a treatment to combat the development of these cancers.

A number of other research groups are also trying to use the same technology to treat various types of infections.

For now, though, it’s unclear how effective this method is in fighting cancer.

And while there are some studies that suggest it could help treat some types of brain cancer, the study described in Science doesn’t include enough information to draw definitive conclusions.

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