‘The most beautiful thing about it’: The most beautiful moment of the game

A new article on BleacherReport.com reveals that one of the most beautiful moments of the NBA game has happened to a team called the Los Angeles Lakers, but only a few people in the world know about it.

The article, “The most Beautiful Moment of the Game,” is a collaboration between Bleacherreport.com’s Mike Fiers and the writer and host of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Sports,” James Bixenspan.

It was in the fourth quarter of the Lakers’ 114-104 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Tuesday night that the game was stopped at the buzzer for the first time since the game against the Phoenix Suns was stopped in the first quarter.

It is unclear why the Lakers decided to play without Kobe Bryant, the star of the team who had been out with a broken right foot.

It is also unclear how Bryant’s absence was supposed to impact the Lakers, who are the defending champions and are scheduled to face the Cleveland Indians on Friday night.

Bleacher Report’s Mike and James Brixenspan are back at it again.

This is the third time this season that the Lakers have stopped the game to get a fresh look at Bryant, who was sidelined for nearly a month after tearing his right foot in a game against Memphis on Oct. 31.

Bryant had been sidelined for more than a month with the injury, which required surgery.

The Lakers had to wear protective gear for the procedure.

The first time that the team stopped Bryant, a game-tying 3-pointer with 8.5 seconds left in regulation was halted when the scorer’s table fell on Bryant, which caused the Lakers to miss the shot.

It wasn’t until the third overtime of the fourth quarters that the clock stopped.

Brysant was back on the floor, and he scored 22 points to lead the Lakers past the Cavaliers.

But the Lakers were forced to play a shorter game in the second overtime, which ended with the Lakers leading 99-93.

They were unable to score in the final period, which resulted in Cleveland hitting a free throw with 6.4 seconds left to win the game 97-95.

The game was eventually stopped, but the outcome was not the best.

The NBA’s concussion protocol requires teams to stop play if they suspect a player is suffering from symptoms of a concussion.

It’s unknown how long Bryant’s leg will be out of action, but Bleacher report’s James Baxenspan wrote that the injury will be “the biggest story to come out of the All-Star break.”

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