Why do dogs love the command fire apparatus?

We can all agree that dogs love command fire.

Dogs have been known to dig trenches and set fire to their neighbours.

When you ask your dog why they love to dig, the answer is usually that it’s a natural reaction to the smell of burning wood.

But does that smell really smell of a fire?

We asked a few of the best dog-loving people in the world to explain.

We have asked some of the top dog-lovers and asked them to share their own experiences of their dogs digging trenches and setting fires.

We have also asked people who know dogs to explain why they like command fire in general.

Here are the answers.

  First, you need to understand that command fire is not the same as normal fire.

When a fire is going on, there are two types of people on the scene: firefighters and bystanders.

Firefighters are there to help extinguish the fire.

People who live nearby are there because they want to help themselves. 

If you are outside, the fire is still burning, so your instinct is to go to help, which is exactly what you do.

The main difference between command fire and normal fire is that the firefighter is there to protect you, and your instinct to help is your only option.

So you don’t necessarily have to stay with the person who is setting the fire to protect them.

That is why command fire, and most other types of fire, is used for fires that can last for days.

Second, you can’t really control the fire if it’s not under your control.

If the fire starts in your own backyard, you don and cannot stop it.

When it starts in the middle of the road, there is no way for the driver to stop the fire, because he has no control over it.

But if you have an obstruction that prevents you from stopping the fire in your driveway, you have the power to stop it by standing in front of the fire and putting out the fire yourself.

That would be called a “self-rescue”.

You could use your own power to protect yourself, but you might be tempted to stop to help someone else who needs help too.

That’s not a good option. 

Third, command fire can be dangerous.

Dogs are very good at surviving in an emergency, and they have to be.

In a command fire situation, they can quickly be overwhelmed and overwhelmed again.

In fact, it can be difficult for dogs to know where to go if they have nowhere to go.

The best dogs will try to find their way to safety by getting to a safe spot, but they need to be very careful to not take themselves out of danger.

You need to know what to do when the fire has spread out of control and you are trapped in the building.

Dogs can be trained to use the search and rescue function.

But the best way to get out of a command-fire situation is to get to a nearby safe place, preferably a place that you have a lot of other people who have also got a lot to do, like cleaning the building and cleaning the fireplaces.

So what is the best thing you can do if you see your dog getting trapped?

If you are the one who is trapped, do what you can to rescue the dog from the building, then take him to a good location to be rescued, such as a nearby parking lot, a public park, or a fire station.

If you can find your dog somewhere safe, but he is being left in a dangerous situation, call a rescue agency.

 When you hear people saying, “Oh, it’s like being in a fire,” they’re probably thinking about the situation when they were kids.

It’s not so bad, because it’s very rare to have an emergency that is so severe that you can see your house, your neighbours, your pets, your friends, and all the people in your house go up in flames.

You can’t see a fire, so you can take it in stride.

But when you see something like this, you start thinking, “What am I going to do if something happens to me?

Am I going out in a blaze, too?”

So you have to think, “If something happens, what do I do?”

You need a good idea of what you want to do.

You also need to think about the consequences.

When someone has been trapped, you are going to have to get them out of there.

There are a number of options you can choose.

If you’re trapped in a building, it is important to do what is possible to save yourself, because that will be the only way you are ever going to get back home.

When I was younger, we lived in a town in central Europe.

The town had no power, so we had to go out into the woods.

We had a lot more freedom in the woods than we had in our houses. It