Why Ferrero says its fire apparatus image is fake

The maker of the fabled fire apparatus made a bold claim on Tuesday when it told the Associated Press that its photo was fabricated by an unauthorized third party.

Ferrero, the world’s largest food company, said it had provided photos of its Ferrero Chico firefighting apparatus and the equipment in use at a fire scene in Puerto Rico to a “senior company representative” on May 1, the AP reported.

The company’s claim was based on a letter sent to the company’s chief executive officer, Francisco de la Fuente, by a law enforcement agency, Ferrero said in a statement.

“We are very sorry for any misunderstanding,” Ferrero added.

“It is our intention to make clear to all our stakeholders, and to the public, that we never knowingly use any information or images of any of our products for any purpose.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It was not immediately clear whether the letter was genuine.

Ferrito said the company was still trying to verify the authenticity of the photos.

The Associated Press previously reported that Ferrero was behind an investigation by the Food and Drug Administration into a firefighting system in the United States that some have said looked suspiciously like a Ferrero product.

Ferroreas chief executive, Ferre Rueda, has repeatedly denied that the company manufactured or distributed a fake Ferrero Firefighting System.

“This is not about Ferrero,” Ruedas chief spokesman, Jose Luis Castillo, said on Monday, when asked about the allegations.

“The information is incorrect and is not based on Ferrero.

The information that we have is based on our company representatives.”

In a separate statement, Ferrorero said it would cooperate with any investigation.

“I think that this is a serious matter,” Castillo said.

“Our company does not have anything to do with this, and it’s absolutely false.”

The Associated Post previously reported on Monday that Ferreres Firefighting Equipment and equipment used at a Puerto Rican wildfires in May could have been made by a company that Ferrores had bought for $4.7 million.

The AP also reported that a former Ferrero employee had told the AP that Ferres Fire Fighting Equipment had been given to the National Guard to use by Puerto Rico firefighters after it had been modified to work with Ferrero products.

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