‘Won’t Tell Me How To Die’: ‘A Conversation with a Ghost’ author and comedian Amy Schumer tells story of her experiences with the ‘mythical’ afterlife in ‘A Ghost Story’

NEW YORK (AP) Amy Schumer’s memoir about her time at the center of a conspiracy theory about the afterlife was published on Friday, marking the first time the acclaimed actress has written a book about her experience in a cult, a phenomenon that has gripped millions and spawned multiple movies and television shows.

“Ghosts are real,” Schumer told an audience of more than 300 at the Book Festival.

“I know that’s a weird thing to say but I feel like I’ve been in the room with ghosts all my life.

And I’m like, ‘No, that’s not how it works,'” she said.

The book, which she called “a conversation with a ghost,” is a follow-up to the 2014 documentary “A Ghost” and was released by Regnery in the United States and in Australia this month.

Schumer says she has been the target of a number of online attacks, including a tweet that read: “A ghost is dead, and she’s going to be here.”

But she said that wasn’t true.

“If I had been in their shoes, I would have been like, no, that would not have been the case,” she said, noting that she has had numerous attempts to contact her in the past, but no one has ever responded to her requests for comment.

Schumer’s book follows her 2016 memoir, “Insecure,” which explored her experiences as a child in New York City, including being bullied for being overweight.

The new memoir is the first in a series of memoirs that she wrote as an adult.

It focuses on her childhood and how she learned to embrace the paranormal and explore the afterlife, but does not delve into her personal beliefs.

It will be released in the fall and is available for pre-order.

The film “A Night at the Museum: Rise of the Guardians” was a big hit, grossing more than $1 billion at the box office and earning the actor an Academy Award for best actress in a movie.

Schumer said she was surprised by how much the movie had resonated with fans and that she hopes people will buy the book for the film, too.

The movie will also be released by Netflix in 2017, according to Schumer’s Twitter account.

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