The Golgi apparatus, blood pressure apparatus and spindle apparatus are all related

The term ‘golgias apparatus’ refers to the apparatus used by an instrument for measuring blood pressure.

The term is also used to refer to the heart of the blood pressure monitoring device, the spindle, which can measure pressure at the heart.

This article explains how the Golgi device works and why you might want to use one.

A ‘golo’ is a Latin word that means ‘to live’.

This means the blood vessel is a hollow cylinder which is used to store oxygen in the blood.

The blood vessels in the human body are hollow cylinders.

They can be either continuous (like a balloon) or hollow (like an egg).

This means that when oxygen is present in the body, the blood vessels can expand and contract, allowing the body to maintain a certain level of oxygen in a person’s blood.

However, it can also become inflamed and damaged, so that blood pressure becomes too high.

This is known as hypertension, and it can lead to many health problems, including heart disease.

As the name suggests, a Golgi instrument measures blood pressure and tells you how high or low it is.

A blood pressure monitor has two main functions: It can measure the blood flow to the body and also monitor your heart.

A pulse oximeter (POX) measures the rate at which blood is moving through the heart muscle.

It measures the heart rate, or rhythm, which is the heart’s electrical activity.

If the heart is working normally, the heart beats at a normal rate.

If there is a problem with the heart, it may not be able to beat at a regular rate.

The POX measures the pressure inside the heart by measuring the amount of blood pumped through it.

When the blood supply is reduced, the POX may not work.

It may be that a normal heart is pumping less blood than it should.

It’s also important to note that the POE has a built-in pulse oximetry device, which measures the pulse rate inside the body.

This measurement can be used to calculate your heart rate.

There are a lot of different ways of measuring blood flow.

The most common way of measuring is the venous blood flow (VBL), which is measured by a pump.

This gauge measures how much blood is being pumped from the body’s veins.

It also measures how quickly blood is coming out of the veins and into the body from the heart and the kidneys.

This measurements can be done using an ECG (electrocardiogram) or a blood pressure cuff (BP cuff).

However, the veno-venous flow is a better gauge than the blood pulse oximeters, because it is less sensitive.

This means you can measure your heart rhythm directly from the venu-veno-velo (VV).

This is the main way of monitoring blood pressure, which makes it ideal for assessing if you have heart problems or if you are suffering from a blood clot.

The pump measures the amount you pump from your heart and gives you the amount that’s being pumped.

The more blood pumped from your body, more pressure is being generated, which means that more blood is flowing to your heart, and the blood pump is also being used for measuring heart rate and heart rhythm.

A VBL monitor measures the blood volume, the amount flowing out of your body from your organs and from your veins.

When a blood volume measurement is made, it gives the average rate at the arterial level (which is the blood that comes out of our lungs) and also shows you the average arterial pressure (which measures how many millilitres of blood flow is being moved out of each of our organs).

A VBL monitor can also tell you if the arteriovenous blood pressure (VABP) is too high, or not high enough, to support the normal heart rhythm (this is called a heart failure).

A blood flow monitoring device also measures the arteriosulphur (AUC) which is made up of sodium, potassium and calcium ions.

The VABP and AUC measures the quantity of sodium and potassium in the arterium, and these are the main parameters used to monitor blood pressure at a given level.

This helps you to make an informed choice about whether or not you need to have a heart transplant.

A POX is the smallest instrument used to measure blood pressure that can measure blood flow, which in itself is a good thing because it can be a very useful tool for measuring your blood pressure without a POX.

However it can not tell you how much of a pressure increase or decrease you are experiencing, or the risk of any abnormal heart function.

In addition, it doesn’t give you any information about the size of your heart or the blood pumping rate.

A pump and POX can both give you a pulse oximetre (POx) and an ECOG (elect

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