What the government wants us to know about Flint’s water crisis

The US government is trying to sell us a story about the Flint water crisis, according to one of its top advisors to President Donald Trump. 

And while the government has been mum about its own role in the crisis, it is trying, with some success, to convince the public that it did the best it could in its capacity as a watchdog, according a report published by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in March. 

According to the HHS report, the Trump administration has been trying to convince Americans that the Trump Administration acted as an independent regulator of the Flint River and water infrastructure. 

In its effort to sell the public on this narrative, the HHS team is focusing on the “possibility of the state and federal government using the Flint crisis to justify their actions, including, but not limited to, the use of public funds to provide private incentives to water companies to reduce the risk of lead and other contaminants,” according to the report. 

“In this regard, the government will claim to have acted in accordance with the law and regulations when it conducted its review of the emergency management system in Flint,” it continued. 

The report cited a few specific examples of how the government is using the crisis as an opportunity to justify its actions.

For instance, the report noted that the EPA was able to convince its superiors to use public money to buy bottled water in Michigan for Flint residents, while the Trump team had a “greater opportunity” to do so. 

But it was also the case that the HHS teams, according the report, had “significant limitations in their ability to assess and assess how Flint’s emergency management efforts contributed to the public health crisis.” 

The Department of Energy and the Department on Aging also had significant limitations, the department said, because of their lack of a robust oversight system and the fact that they had “limited ability to evaluate and evaluate the effectiveness of the federal response.” 

So while the HHS and Energy Departments are making up for those shortcomings by portraying themselves as independent watchdog agencies, it seems that the government isn’t actually interested in any of this.

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The EPA has a long history of using crisis response funds to prop up its political allies.

In the case of the Trump EPA, the funding was used to support former Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder’s anti-union campaign, according and numerous news outlets, as well as to buy political ads.

In 2014, the EPA spent $2.3 million on a “federal response” political ad campaign.

In the report from the HHS, the Department said it “has a responsibility to make sure that federal, state, and local governments do not fail to address the crisis in a timely manner.” 

In a statement to Vox, the federal government responded to the allegations of mismanagement of the crisis. 

Federal authorities will work with states and localities to ensure that public health and safety is protected in Flint, Michigan, and we will work to provide all available federal and state resources to local, state and tribal governments in this time of crisis, the statement said. 

There have been multiple calls for the Trump government to step in and take responsibility for the Flint catastrophe.

Earlier this month, Michigan Gov.-elect Karen Weaver and other state officials told the Associated Press that the state was under a “coverup.” 

And in late March, a group of top Democrats in the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Trump urging him to take action to address Flint’s lead poisoning crisis.

“We are encouraged by the recent developments in Flint and other cities in which the federal and local government are making good progress to address these concerns and hold the governor and others accountable for their role in these crises,” the lawmakers wrote.

“We urge you to take immediate steps to address our concerns, including establishing a Flint Emergency Response Team, appointing a Chief of State, and establishing a task force to address systemic failures in Flint.”

In its report, HHS said it was aware of the concerns raised by the Flint residents and “has been working to address them.” 

But while the administration has offered some of the most detailed and comprehensive information on the crisis since the crisis first erupted, the White House has been very reluctant to release any information. 

For instance, when the Flint mayor announced his resignation in May, he did not tell the public about the government’s efforts to get the governor to publicly admit his role in failing to keep Flint from having lead in its drinking water.

Instead, the president and White House officials have repeatedly said that they have “no plans” to release the full report on the Flint disaster.

While the Trump White House does have some options for releasing the report — such as releasing the final report to the American public, or giving

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