When is a quad fire apparatus not a fire apparatus?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Quad Fire apparatus, a small, compact device that uses magnets to bring a flame to a boil.

If you’re wondering, the word “fire” isn’t mentioned anywhere.

But in reality, it’s not a combustion device at all.

Instead, it has an interesting feature: the flame can ignite itself.

“The quad fire is a fire,” says Matt Stapleton, an electrical engineer at University of Texas, Austin.

“The fire’s not going to catch on fire, and if it does, it doesn’t catch on because the quad fires are very strong and very, very quick.”

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a quad flame can be used to spark a small fire at the end of a long fire fight, or to bring down a massive fire.

And in the United States, they’re still making them, according to the American Firearm Association.

The Quad Fire is actually not a “fire.”

It’s a “light” device that can ignite when it’s placed on a flame and released.

The flame that sparks is actually a kind of gas.

So when a fire occurs, a gas is created that’s then released to ignite the fuel.

This gas is known as a flammable liquid.

In theory, this can be a great weapon.

Stapleton says that the Quad fire is not as effective at stopping fire as it is for stopping a fire, but he says it can be useful for reducing damage to buildings.

“There are people who think the Quad fires can be an option for someone who has never worked with a fire before and who wants to take some things apart to see what they can do,” he says.

“We do have some people who have been in fires before and are very experienced at stopping fires, and they have been able to use the Quad in a lot of ways to do so,” he continues.

Stappleton says the Quad is still not used in the U.S. for firefighting purposes, but the quad flame is now widely available for home use.

It’s been adopted by some communities for use as a non-combustible fuel, which is a more efficient method of starting a fire.

The U.K. is also one of the few countries that doesn’t allow the use of the Quad Flame for fire-fighting.

But it’s becoming more common in other parts of the world.

“We see the Quad flame being used in other countries, especially in Australia, for example,” Stapton says.

He also points out that it’s important to be careful when buying a quad device.

“If you buy it in a retail store, you can’t go online and compare it with other devices,” he explains.

“You’re going to get a little bit of a bad deal.”

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