When the Flames were bad, the Sharks were bad

AUSTRALIA’S most powerful hockey team is in crisis.

The Western Bulldogs, who are also facing the loss of their two most important players, are facing a significant financial blow with the departure of the club’s captain, David Swallow, and coach Shane Flanagan.

The Bulldogs’ worst nightmare is almost complete.

The club has lost the confidence of one of its most influential players.

The club’s worst nightmare The Bulldogs have lost the trust of their captain David Swafford.

The Club’s greatest fear The Club fears the Bulldogs will suffer financially with David Swaberns departure, and is looking for a new captain.

The team’s greatest disappointment The Dogs are on the back foot and struggling to compete with the likes of Melbourne, Collingwood, Port Adelaide and Collingon.

The Dogs’ biggest challenge is the loss, of captain David S.


David Swallow has played an important part for the Bulldogs, and for the club in many different ways.

David Swaffords’ departure leaves the Bulldogs in a difficult position.

He was the club captain, a leader and a pillar of the Bulldogs organisation.

He is a key part of the Club’s culture, and a leader to many players.

He has contributed in a number of ways, but he is no longer with the Club.

The loss of David Swaferns will have a massive impact on the Bulldogs and the football club as a whole.

The impact of the departure will be felt immediately, as will the impact of this on the Club as a brand and on the club as an organisation.

The Bulldogs will have to make decisions that will impact on its brand and its ability to continue to be successful.

The fact the Club is in this position now will not stop the Bulldogs from looking to the future and making the right decisions.

The loss will be painful for all involved.

It will not be easy, as there is no guarantee this will be a long-term situation.

The Club will need to make tough decisions, and the financial implications of the decision will be enormous.

The first step will be to find a new coach, and make a decision on a new forward line coach, as well as the club moving forward in other areas.

As the Club looks to the next chapter, it will look to the Club to support it.

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