Why a Jewish woman must be trapped in a sex apparatus

When a young Jewish woman goes to the doctor with a suspected pregnancy she’s given the option of a sex apparatuse.It’s not something that has happened to her before.She’s been trapped inside a sex machine.But this time it’s a different story.The apparatus has been built into a sex organ in a medical lab in Tel […]

‘Anesthesia to replace the horsehair electrodes’: A ‘sexist’ approach to gender bias

Anesthesia is the act of putting anesthetic to a patient’s body to treat an illness or injury, but it’s also a term that’s been used to describe the act in which a person takes the drug in order to prevent harm.A few years ago, an article on a medical website in Australia was published entitled […]

‘It’s a blessing to be able to work with you’: How a veteran firefighter saved a town from a wildfire

BOULDER, Colo.— It’s been five years since a wildfire ravaged the Colorado city of Boulder, and it’s one that has forced Mayor John R. Guglielmi to make major decisions about the future.The town, which was left without power after a wildfire swept through the area in January, is rebuilding its infrastructure, and the city has […]

Why is there so much activity in the Golgi apparatus when we’re not looking?

Updated July 21, 2019 09:15:53 It’s easy to get lost in the maze of Golgi’s labyrinthine system, and there’s no better place to do so than the head and shoulders of a young man named Andrew Sargent.For years, Mr Sargen, now 40, has been doing just that.The scientist at the University of New South Wales […]

How to make a hyoid apparatus for the fire engine

What are the types of hyoid apparatuses in the fire department?There are two basic types of fire apparatus: a) an ambulatory, and b) an advanced one.The fire service has three different types of ambulatory apparatus.These are: (1) a hyotric ambulance; (2) a rapid-response ambulance; and (3) a specialized fire truck.An ambulance is a small, flat […]

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