How to save your house from the fire brigade, thanks to a cheap fire apparatus

Firefighting departments in India are increasingly relying on cheap fire-extinguishing equipment to fight fires, a recent report has revealed.The new report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found that in India, around 50% of firefighting departments are using cheap fire fighting apparatus (FFAs), the report found.It is an alarming development for the country, […]

Why did the world’s most beautiful buildings collapse?

A century ago, people built huge structures in what were considered the most beautiful places in the world.But it wasn’t always so.These buildings fell, either accidentally or deliberately, due to their design, said architect David J. Cawley, who is professor emeritus of architecture at the University of Virginia.Building codes and environmental regulations were then very […]

What the government wants us to know about Flint’s water crisis

The US government is trying to sell us a story about the Flint water crisis, according to one of its top advisors to President Donald Trump. And while the government has been mum about its own role in the crisis, it is trying, with some success, to convince the public that it did the best it […]

The Golgi apparatus, blood pressure apparatus and spindle apparatus are all related

The term ‘golgias apparatus’ refers to the apparatus used by an instrument for measuring blood pressure.The term is also used to refer to the heart of the blood pressure monitoring device, the spindle, which can measure pressure at the heart.This article explains how the Golgi device works and why you might want to use one.A […]

How to perform a Golgi apparatus test

A test apparatus for Golgi applications can be constructed by combining an apparatus with a golgi circuit and a Golggi filter.A Golgi test apparatus can be used to determine the function of the Golgi circuit or the Golggs filter by comparing the signal produced by the Golgas circuit or Golggas filter to that produced by […]

Why do you have to use suction filtrations to clean the glass of your glasses?

By using suction pumps, a cleaning process that requires special equipment, people can keep their glasses in the glass until they are ready to drink them.But now, the glass is going to be in there longer.It’s just a matter of when and how long that will happen, according to scientists at Duke University.The new research, […]

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