When the Internet is all it takes to get a job, it won’t be for much longer

The technology behind the world’s biggest internet is moving into the workplace.The new jobs that can be done online will be jobs that require expertise, not just technical skills.“The biggest challenge facing technology firms right now is that the technology is changing faster than the people who need it,” said Michael Pinto, an associate professor […]

What does ‘Coupon’ mean for the NFL?

The NFL’s official Twitter account retweeted an article titled “Coupons?NFL teams are reportedly trying to take advantage of people’s boredom to win money.”The article claimed that the NFL was trying to create a “game” out of boredom by offering coupons and other items at retail outlets.However, the article did not specify if the NFL had […]

‘Won’t Tell Me How To Die’: ‘A Conversation with a Ghost’ author and comedian Amy Schumer tells story of her experiences with the ‘mythical’ afterlife in ‘A Ghost Story’

NEW YORK (AP) Amy Schumer’s memoir about her time at the center of a conspiracy theory about the afterlife was published on Friday, marking the first time the acclaimed actress has written a book about her experience in a cult, a phenomenon that has gripped millions and spawned multiple movies and television shows.“Ghosts are real,” […]