Lab equipment clipart from ‘Lab Notes’ series by Leah F. Schein

“The Lab Notes” series by Dr. Leah Schein explores the history of lab equipment, with illustrations from the Lab Notes series by Thomas Schein.The series is curated by Drs.Robert J. Hodge and Mary C. Bowers.“Lab Notes” is published by Penguin Random House.Learn more at @leahscheiner Follow @sheriffbobmack, @mikedawkins, @daviddolan, @todayspirit, @kathleenmccauley, @jamesgopkins, and @joe_pennacchi

Stomatal lamps are a new and exciting way to enhance your home

Stomata lamps are devices that create a small, portable lamp that you can place in the kitchen or in your living room, creating a home-like environment.These portable lamps can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon,, and Home Depot.The stomatal lamp consists of a pair of bulbs that are positioned on either end of […]