Which electric-vehicle systems work best?

Bending a stiff body, a thin electric coil and some electricity to a specific spot and you’re ready to go.The next thing you know, you’re driving a car and getting ready to drive your car again.A new system, called a bionic limb, can help you do just that.The bionic arm is made up of an […]

Which of these devices does the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery leak claim?

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaked yesterday for $849, which is a $900 premium over the Galaxy Note 8’s battery.The leaked battery is made of a proprietary design that is only available to the company that makes the phone, Samsung.We’ve heard from sources that Samsung was not happy with the leak, and […]

An experimental drug used in COVID-19 treatment could slow respiratory distress syndrome, improve oxygen delivery to patients

An experimental COVID drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in treating patients with respiratory distress.The drug, a novel version of COVID agent known as rivastigmine, is a new treatment for patients with severe COPD and other respiratory diseases, including severe asthma and COPD-related respiratory distress, the FDA said Monday.The […]

Google’s Android app for VR app store hits iOS app store

Google has released Android app developers for a new VR app.The app, called VRKit, is a VR platform for developers that lets users experience augmented reality.The SDK is available on Google Play and the App Store.The app is a bit more than an SDK.Developers can now build apps that support the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, […]