‘A new breed of ‘super’ guns’: Inside the world of the NYPD’s ‘Super’ Firearms

New York City police officers have been using a new generation of “super” weapons in recent years, including handguns, shotguns and rifles that can fire up to 500 rounds per minute.These new weapons have been touted as the next generation of gun control.But in fact, some of these weapons were developed in the 1980s and […]

Stomatal lamps are a new and exciting way to enhance your home

Stomata lamps are devices that create a small, portable lamp that you can place in the kitchen or in your living room, creating a home-like environment.These portable lamps can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon, Amazon.com, and Home Depot.The stomatal lamp consists of a pair of bulbs that are positioned on either end of […]

‘MTV 2’ is a ‘perfect fit’ for “MTV” series

MTV has announced it will be producing a spinoff of the popular MTV TV show “MVPD.”The MTV TV series “Mtv 2” will focus on the lives of three characters, which include police officer Mike and detective James, as they investigate the murder of a young girl.MTV confirmed the news Thursday on its official Twitter account.The […]

Which are the best ways to interpret lyrics from an opera?

An opera singer and his band have devised a way to decode lyrics from the opera by analysing the way that the words are written on the page.“We wrote this piece and it’s a very simple piece,” said Nader Asadollah, the lead singer of a new opera called The Bitter Edge.“It’s a great example of […]