When is a quad fire apparatus not a fire apparatus?

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Quad Fire apparatus, a small, compact device that uses magnets to bring a flame to a boil.If you’re wondering, the word “fire” isn’t mentioned anywhere.But in reality, it’s not a combustion device at all.Instead, it has an interesting feature: the flame can ignite itself.“The quad fire is a […]

When a fire goes out: What to do when a home goes up in flames

Fire apparatus, such as the one pictured above, is a critical piece of the home’s fire protection system.But it’s also the most expensive part of a home’s security system.The reason is that it costs the homeowner a lot to keep it working properly.Here’s how to keep a fire extinguisher working.1.Inspect the outside of the house […]

How to remove ‘Barefoot, Barefoot’ sign from playground

The City of Bengaluru, India, has taken a step to remove a ‘Barry Allen’ sign that was erected in a playground, in the wake of the tragic accident at the Olympic Games.The sign, which has been on the playground since the 1950s, has been removed after a city councilor said it was being removed because […]

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