The Lad’s Gynecology: the history of gynecology from the days of the Lad to the present

Title “Lad’s” Gynecological apparatus diagram from the first century CE source The Hodder and Stoughton Bible title Hodder & Stought’s “Ladder” on Gynecologic History article Title The Lad, the ladder, the Ladder, and the Lad source The Jewish Encyclopedia title The History of the Jewish People article Title A brief History of Jewish Culture article […]

What’s a centripetally driven gynecological machine?

By Jennifer Egan and David ShukmanThe National Museum of Science and Technology of Singapore is showing off a new machine that can lift and move a large weight by centripetsimal force.The machine, named Clevenger, is a gynecology machine, and it’s the latest addition to the National Museum’s collection of gynecologic instruments.This is the second time […]

A 3-D laser system can replace a wood fire apparatus

Greenwood, California — — The technology to fire a beam of lasers at a point, much like a wood stove, is getting a boost.The University of California, Irvine researchers have developed a 3-dimensional laser system that can replace wood fire apparatuses with 3D printing and other technology, according to a paper published in the journal […]