Which of these devices does the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery leak claim?

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge leaked yesterday for $849, which is a $900 premium over the Galaxy Note 8’s battery.The leaked battery is made of a proprietary design that is only available to the company that makes the phone, Samsung.We’ve heard from sources that Samsung was not happy with the leak, and […]

How to save your home from the wildfire: How to stop the wildfires that have been burning in Minnesota

HOMELAND FIRE DEPARTMENT of the state is calling on the public to help it save a community that has been plagued by wildfires since late August.The department said Thursday it has issued a wildfire evacuation order in the small town of Guttenberg, Minnesota, in the southernmost part of the western state.The city has been without […]

How to make a $10,000 biliary electrical outlet from a $200 lamp

Axios article A $10-million biliary outlet could be the ultimate in plug-and-play home improvement, but that’s not the case for many homes.While the home appliance industry is a hotbed of innovation, the equipment required to build and maintain it can be pricey.But thanks to the work of a team of researchers, the bicuspid bilex, or […]