How does the stomata function in the human brain?

The stomatum is a small organ in the brain, and it’s the area that allows us to communicate with other creatures.It’s also a critical part of the nervous system, helping us to feel emotions, think and think quickly.It has been known to play a role in the regulation of emotion, as well as the ability […]

What is a trapeza?

Invented in 1797 by a German pharmacist, the trapezo-based distillation system is an advanced technique for converting alcohol into spirits or wine.With the aid of a simple but powerful apparatus, it’s easy to get the perfect blend of alcohol and the right amount of other ingredients.Here are the essentials.1.The Distillation Machine1.1 Where can I buy […]

“You can’t get any more fun than a juxtagelomerular vacuum.”

The Huffington Posts is reporting that a new kind of vacuum is getting its first test.The Verge reports that a team at the University of Illinois is working on an apparatus that’s able to create an ultra-high vacuum.According to the Verge, the vacuum will allow researchers to use “much larger, heavier particles” that could be […]

Google announces Golgi apparatus for volume

Google announced on Tuesday a Golgi-based apparatus for high-resolution imaging, which the company said is able to image volumes in a volume of less than 1 cubic centimeter.The Golgi system, which is being developed at the company’s Google X lab, can take advantage of a new generation of ultrafast processors that make it possible to […]