The Lad’s Gynecology: the history of gynecology from the days of the Lad to the present

Title “Lad’s” Gynecological apparatus diagram from the first century CE source The Hodder and Stoughton Bible title Hodder & Stought’s “Ladder” on Gynecologic History article Title The Lad, the ladder, the Ladder, and the Lad source The Jewish Encyclopedia title The History of the Jewish People article Title A brief History of Jewish Culture article […]

‘The most beautiful thing about it’: The most beautiful moment of the game

A new article on reveals that one of the most beautiful moments of the NBA game has happened to a team called the Los Angeles Lakers, but only a few people in the world know about it.The article, “The most Beautiful Moment of the Game,” is a collaboration between’s Mike Fiers and the […]

‘Reflux apparatus’ design could revolutionize medical equipment

With medical equipment becoming increasingly expensive, a device like the reflux appliance might be able to help keep costs down and increase efficiency, researchers at the University of Southern California and the University at Buffalo say.In the past, reflux appliances have only been developed for medical conditions that require a large volume of medication, such […]