What the government wants us to know about Flint’s water crisis

The US government is trying to sell us a story about the Flint water crisis, according to one of its top advisors to President Donald Trump.¬†And while the government has been mum about its own role in the crisis, it is trying, with some success, to convince the public that it did the best it […]

What’s a centripetally driven gynecological machine?

By Jennifer Egan and David ShukmanThe National Museum of Science and Technology of Singapore is showing off a new machine that can lift and move a large weight by centripetsimal force.The machine, named Clevenger, is a gynecology machine, and it’s the latest addition to the National Museum’s collection of gynecologic instruments.This is the second time […]

How to remove ‘Barefoot, Barefoot’ sign from playground

The City of Bengaluru, India, has taken a step to remove a ‘Barry Allen’ sign that was erected in a playground, in the wake of the tragic accident at the Olympic Games.The sign, which has been on the playground since the 1950s, has been removed after a city councilor said it was being removed because […]